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From Teachers on Bikes:

We have created lessons on topics pertinent to each country through which we will travel. As we meet people and learn about issues from Panama to Mexico, we will supplement our curriculum with features of the week and our log book. We are traveling through both Central America and Mexico, and will refer to the area as Mesoamerica. Our main theme is: How are free trade and development affecting local economies and communities in Mesoamerica?

We will also address the following questions:

Teachers may want to begin by talking about trade between countries and using our first three lessons which serve as an introduction to these concepts.

Each lesson will be in the following format:

Grade Level:
Subject and California State Standards: Standards are listed by number
Resources/Materials: Handouts, links, and resources needed for the lesson.
Activities and Procedures: Description of the lesson plan, step by step.
Tying It Together: Follow-up activities and ideas for relating topics to "real" life

The Rationale Behind Teachers On Bikes:

Many high schools offer courses such as Latin American Studies or International Relations, yet the majority of students do not have time in their schedule to sign up because of graduation requirements or scheduling issues. However, as an increasing percentage of the United States’ population has recent ancestry and ties to Mexico and the countries of Central America, it seems that the lessons taught in these specialty classes should be part of a more widely-taught curriculum. With this idea in mind, we are creating curriculum that addresses standards in economics, government, current events, English, and history by using examples from our closest neighbors: Mexico and the seven countries that make up Central America. We are then applying these lessons so that they may be taught within the California Curriculum Framework for Social Studies and other required courses.

Because Teachers on Bikes is based in California we are using the CA standards as our guidelines, but we believe that those classrooms outside of the state can apply our lessons to their own statewide curriculum standards as well.

Within these lessons we have included links to a multitude of resources and organizations relating to Mesoamerican issues. We hope that you will use our site as a resource for incorporating an international perspective in your classroom on a more regular basis.

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