Los Quinchos

Los Quinchos was founded in 1991 by Zelinda Roccia, an Italian woman, to provide hospitality to abandoned or abused boys and girls. Street children who flee situations of extreme poverty or abuse often congregate in the capital city of Managua. They are always hungry, do not attend school, and work in difficult conditions on the streets. Los Quinchos seeks to provide a safe environment for these children to live, go to school, and learn life skills. There are currently five houses where the children receive three meals a day, have access to a psychologist, receive help with their studies and learn dancing, music, and other skills. We visited the Yahoska house which is a girls house in San Marcos. Though the children come from dire situations, in many ways they are just like kids everywhere. To learn more about this organization and the kids at Los Quinchos, please go to their website at http://www.losquinchos.org. You may need to click on the British flag in the right corner to have the website appear in English.

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