Educational Safaris and Consulting

Our first Feature of the Week is an interview with Jim Brady, the co-founder of Educational Safaris and Consulting LLC. Jim and his co-founder John Siegel-Boetener have been inspiring middle school students on educational adventures on six continents since 1986. Trips vary from biking across the United States from Washingon DC to California or biking the Great Divide from Canada to Mexico, to hiking and boogie boarding trips in Hawaii or a fundraising program to Bolivia. The programs are physically and mentally demanding, yet incredibly rewarding. Jim is comfortable leading discussions on environmental issues in Southern Utah or talking about healthcare in Bolivia. During the school year he can be found at Santa Barbara Middle School teaching human geography and working as the assistant headmaster. Incidently, Jim was also Erin's eighth grade teacher many years ago. Educational Safaris will serve as the mentor organization for Teachers on Bikes as we organize and carry out this project.

Thanks, Ed. Safaris!

Download the Interview Here: [MP3 Audio|Ogg Vorbis Audio]