Peace and Dignity Journeys

As we sat in the only restaurant in San Felix, we noticed a bus of people drive up with a symbol on the side of two birds facing each other and the words “Alaska to Panama”. Being more curious than exhausted we started asking questions and found our third feature of the week. These individuals were part of the Peace and Dignity Journeys. They are a group of Indigenous Peoples running relay style from Alaska to Panama City for six months to fulfill a prophecy of peace and dignity. They are hosted by Indigenous communities along the way and learn of their traditions and spiritual practices. There is a similar group running from Tierra del Fuego, Chile up to Panama City. The groups will meet at the Kuna Nation in Panama City, Panama symbolizing the Indigenous Peoples of the western hemisphere coming together to manifest the prophecy of the Eagle (from the North) and the Condor (from the South). This prophecy fortells the reuniting of the Indigenous Peoples of the Western Hemisphere to begin a time of healing for their nations and envisioning new generations to come. The journeys began in 1992 and have occured every four years. The first one was dedicated to Elders, the next to Children, the next to Families and this current peace and dignity journey is dedicated to Women. For more information, check out their website at We are lucky to have met them and send our prayers for the October 27th ceremony.