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Introductory Lessons and Panama

Title: Globalization
Grade Level: 7-12
Subject(s): Social Studies, Economics, Government
Overview: An introduction to the concept of globalization and world markets.
Required Attachments: What is Globalization? [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF]

Title: Migration of Labor
Grade Level: 9-12
Subject(s): Social Studies, Geography, Economics
Overview: Taking a look at why people move between borders, this lesson focuses in migration of labor within Central America and related issues.

Title: Social Movements
Grade Level: 9-12
Subject(s): Social Studies, International Relations
Overview: Many types of social movements have been formed in the countries through which we will travel. This lesson compares the types, methods, and variable factors that effect movements and their success.
Required Attachments: Research [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF]

Title: The Panama Canal
Grade Level: 8-10
Subject(s): Environmental Studies, Social Studies, History, Geography
Overview: Students will learn the history of the Panama canal and environmental concerns surrounding it's existence while reading, writing and discussing this engineering accomplishment from a variety of perspectives.
Required Attachments: Readings [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF], Worksheet [MSWord|OpenOffice]

Title: You and Me and the PPP
Grade Level: 10-12
Subject(s): Social Studies; Globalization, Current Affairs, Environment
Overview: This lesson introduces the pros and cons of development and its effects on local communities through examination of the Plan Puebla Panama.
Required Attachments: Research [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF]

Costa Rica

Title: Ecotourism: A Case Study in Costa Rica
Grade Level: 9 - 11
Subject(s): Environmental Studies, Economics
Overview: Students will use Costa Rica as a case study to investigate the current economic and environmental issues surrounding ecotourism.
Required Attachments: Introductory Reading [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF], Economic Benefits [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF], Economic Cost [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF], Economic Benefits [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF], Environmental Cost [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF], Conclusions [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF]

Title: Global Economics Simulation
Grade Level: 9-12
Subject(s): General Social Studies, Economics, Government, Environmental Studies
Overview: A simulation that mimics the creation of rich and poor countries, also addressing the role of the World Bank and resource scarcity.
Required Attachments: Research [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF]

Title: We Love Coffee!
Grade Level: Can be adapted to all
Subject(s): Environmental Studies, Economics, Science
Overview: A look into the coffee industry and trade, how it effects those involved; from the grower to the consumer.
Required Attachments: The Coffee Process [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF], Pesticides [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF]


Title: Election Day
Grade Level: 7-12
Subject(s): Government
Overview: A comparison between elections in the United States and Nicaragua

Title: The Clothes We Wear
Grade Level: 7-12
Subject(s): Child Labor, General Social Studies, Economics
Overview: This lesson connects the clothes we wear with the people who make them, in a personal way. Additional interviews and information will be added periodically, as each of the countries through which TOB will travel is involved in this issue.
Required Attachments: Research [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF]

Title: Capitalism and Communism
Grade Level: 7-12
Subject(s): Social Studies, Economics
Overview: A simulation that can be used to learn about communism and capitalism in a fun and easy way.
Required Attachments: Rock / Paper Questions [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF], Zapatista Communities [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF]

Title: Poetry of History
Grade Level: 9-12
Subject(s): English, Social Studies, Spanish, Poetry
Overview: This lesson will introduce students to the poetry of Pablo Neruda as a tool for recording history. Students will learn about the Sandinista revolution while discovering the power of poetry.
Required Attachments: Sandino Student Reading [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF], Sandinista Background Reading [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF], Neruda Poems [PDF], Such is my Life [PDF]

Honduras & El Salvador

Title: Everyone Wants a Piece - Land Reform in Honduras
Grade Level: 9-12
Subject(s): Environmental Studies, Government, Math
Overview: Land reform has long been and issue in Honduras – this lesson explores the meaning of “land reform” and relates it with the issue of private vs. public land use in the United States.

Title: Free Media
Grade Level: 7-12
Subject(s): Media Studies, Government
Overview: Taking a look at media and the presence of “free” media vs. corporate media sources, this lesson looks specifically at two Free Radio stations; one in El Salvador and one in the US.
Required Attachments: Media Survey [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF], Community Radio [MSWord]

Title: Economics and International Relations
Grade Level: 9-12
Subject(s): Economics, Life Skills
Overview: A detailed simulation and role play on debt, global economics, and the role of the World Bank in developing nations. Special thanks to Newell Hendricks at Boston Fair Trade Action for this exercise in international economics.
The Simulation: [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF]


Title: The Maya Today
Grade Level: All
Subject(s): Social Studies
Overview: Taking historical studies of the Mayan people and bringing them into current times, this lesson creates a vivid picture of Mayan life as it is today.
Required Attachments: Notetaker [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF]

Title: Migration – El Norte
Grade Level: 9-12
Subject(s): Spanish, Social Studies
Overview: A video-based lesson that explores reasons behind migration and immigration to the United States.
Required Attachments: Questions [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF]

Title: A Brief Current Event from Mexico
Grade Level: 7-12
Subject(s): Social Studies
Overview: Brief news clip about the efforts by Walmart to build a store on ancient ruins.
Required Attachments: The Story [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF]

Mainland Mexico

Title: Colonies and Revolution: A Mexico/US Comparative History
Grade Level: 7-12
Subject(s): Social Studies
Overview: Compares the colonial and revolutionary similarities between the United States and Mexico.
Required Attachments: Notes and Map [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF]

Title: The Zapatista Revolution
Grade Level: 9-12
Subject(s): Spanish, Government
Overview: A study of the 1994 Zapatista revolution that changed the political landscape of current Mexico.
Required Attachments: Group Roles [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF], Zapatista Communique [PDF]

Title: Women in Revolution
Grade Level: 9-12
Subject(s): Gender Studies, Social Studies
Overview: Explores the role of women in conflict and revolution, using the examples of the Nicaraguan and Zapatista revolutions.

Title: Mexican Muralists
Grade Level: 7-12
Subject(s): Art, Social Studies
Overview: Students compare themes in the artwork of three Mexican muralists and look at the role of art as a sociological and historical record.
Required Attachments: Notetaker [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF]

Title: What are we taught? Comparative Histories
Grade Level: 8-10
Subject(s): Social Studies, History, Geography
Overview: This lesson will demonstrate the various perspectives from which a subject matter can be taught and why countries or systems may teach from a specific perspective.
Required Attachments: American Nation [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF], People's History [PDF]

Title: Corn Tastes Good: Current Issues With One of the World's Largest Crops
Grade Level: 10-12
Subject(s): Geography, Economics, Spanish
Overview: Corn is one of Mexico’s ancient Mayan crops, yet today the effects of globalization and genetic modification have taken a toll on this important food source,. This lesson looks at current issues and controversy surrounding corn.

Title: Maps - What Do They Really Show?
Grade Level: 7-9
Subject(s): Math, Geography, History
Overview: Students will compare the Mercator and Peters projection maps. They will discuss the differences and use critical thinking to relate their discoveries to current social situations.
Required Attachments: Notes and Handouts [MSWord|OpenOffice]

Title: Hortalizas Colectivas (Collective Gardens)
Grade Level: 7-12
Subject(s): Spanish, Social Studies,Environmental Studies
Overview: Many EZLN communities have become more self-sufficient by creating community gardens. The handbook included in this lesson is the product of indigenous farming communities in Chiapas, designed to spread the word about how to establish such gardens.
Required Attachments: Manual [PDF]

Title: Mis Dos Patrias
Grade Level:
Subject(s): Spanish, Latino Studies
Overview: What feelings do immigrants face as they struggle to survive in the U.S. yet still maintain ties to their homeland? This song examines some of these issues.

Baja California

Title: La Frontera
Grade Level: 7-12
Subject(s): Environmental Studies, Current Events, International Relations
Overview: What is life like on the border? New Mexico State University has developed some wonderful lessons addressing these issues. Check them out at the above link.

Title: Whale Migration
Grade Level: 7- 9
Subject(s): Environmental Studies
Overview: Students will learn about the migration of grey whales from the lagoons of Baja, Mexico to the Arctic Seas while focusing on specific issues currently affecting the whales.
Required Attachments: Gray Whales [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF], Issues Reading [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF], Issues Worksheet [MSWord|OpenOffice|PDF]

Title: En Conclusion...
Grade Level: All
Subject(s): All
Overview: A conclusion activity for all age levels who have come along on the journey with Teachers on Bikes.

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